Welcome to OKiPOKi GAMES!

Hi :)

This is a cute games project that is in development.

Cute Patoots is a cheerful jaunt of colorful characters, cozy stages, and silly mysteries. See how nostalgic elements from games like Kirby and Mega Man fold into a dynamic adventure where cute meets danger!

Blast away baddies!

Make new friends!

Get new powers!

Do a little dance!


OKiPOKi GAMES presents:


Download Here!
WARNING: it's still a little buggy... and a mac version is coming soon!

Boss Update!

Some bosses are creeping on the scene...! Who will you meet first? Take your chances!

Character Spotlight!

Please welcome the angry, antsy, and classy Irraskor!

...now with Tornado Mode!

Oh my stars!!

It's a mini-parade of characters that can't wait to join the fun!

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